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18 Region Tryouts

Wednesday, February 26th  6:30PM

Ages 16-18

Indian Land Recreation Center

8374 Charlotte Highway #100

Indian Land, SC 29707


You must have a current USAV membership to tryout.


Any questions?  Please contact Mike Van Lie at or Jerry Dorneker at



2020 Intense Volleyball Season

15 Adidas Elite MD Charlie's first Medal in Club Volleyball

Special Deals

For Intense Volleyball Families 

New this year

Bodyshop Athletics X and Intense Volleyball have partnered together to create an environment that enhances the development of each athlete we come across. Because our mission at Bodyshop Athletics X aligns with the development model of Intense Volleyball, it made sense to develop a program that would compliment the coaching at Intense Volleyball! We have come together to create an exclusive pricing for the athletes of Intense Volleyball!

Bound Blessings

To learn more about the POSITIVITY PACK watch the video.  The positivity pack includes an easy-to-follow 21-day challenge with workout plans, scripture readings, different gratitude prompts, daily playlists, and reflections. It consists of scientifically proven ways to make your life more positive. Special pricing for the Intense Volleyball family. 

You can get additional details from Coach Jerry and Madison Metcalf at

  • 2019 AAU Nationals

  • By Janet Dorneker 11/23/2019, 11:30pm EST
  • Intense success at AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida in June of 2019. The 14, 15 and 16 Adidas Elite teams ended with a great finish. Coach Jerry was a rock star as he coached all three teams for 12 straight days. Click to read more and see some amazing photos.
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  • 2018 Big South National Qualifier

  • By Janet Dorneker 04/10/2018, 12:45pm EDT
  • Coach Jerry and the players were looking forward to a competitive tournament schedule at the Big South Qualifier in Atlanta.  They were looking to win the Gold division thus ensuring their trip to USAV Nationals.  Their exciting journey began on Friday when they team went undefeated.
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Intense Strong

Where does




Parent Player Contract


Please sign and bring to the Open House in your area.  Players may NOT participate in practice until the Coach has a signed Parent Player contract.

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Outta' School Reps Clinic

Intense Volleyball and USAVolleyball have a NO tolerance policy for bullying in sports.

Click here for more information.

Proudly sponsored by ADIDAS who outfits USA Volleyball.


A Message for you

How to Be a Good Sports Parent

By Catherine Holecko, VeryWellFamily08/17/18

Being supportive doesn't have to mean you watch every practice (especially those early morning ones). It doesn't even mean attending every game or meet.

Being a good sports parent is like being a good school parent. To make sure your kids get the most out of their participation, you need to participate, too. Being involved, in a positive way, means you provide encouragement, support and practical help.

You volunteer (if you can) and you back up the coach's (or teacher's) decisions and lessons. You create an environment in which your kid can succeed, and then you step back and let him do the hard work. In short, you're a team player, no matter the sport.


The Importance of Being Coachable

By Ken Krause, Fastpitch Lane   08/15/18

The more open you are to new information that can help you, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

A few days ago my friend Tim Boivin sent me this article about NBA star (and future Hall of Famer) Tim Duncan. The article quotes an open letter from Tony Parker, who explains that the San Antonio Spurs’ winning culture was largely driven by the coachability of Duncan. The article talks about how Duncan’s success meant he didn’t really have to listen to anyone, as many stars in various sports choose to do.

Instead, Duncan took coaching like he was trying to make the team as the last player rather than leading it as its top player. That attitude permeated the rest of the team. You can imagine the players who were just barely hanging on seeing how coachable Duncan was, and telling themselves, “I’d better fall in line too.”


Raising Our Daughters to Be Brave: Five Tips from Athlete Crista Samaras

By Samantha Walravens, Forbes09/14/18

Many parents today rob their kids of the “gift” of failure. Failing and figuring out how to recover teaches kids how to be resourceful and resilient.

Crista Samaras made headlines as a nationally ranked lacrosse player at Princeton from 1994-1999 and a gold medalist in the 2001 IFWLA World Cup as a member of the Women's National Team.

She went on to coach women’s lacrosse at Yale and start three companies. From the outside, she is a true American success story. What is less known about her is her lifelong struggle with depression.

“I wasn’t a person who ‘kind of' suffered from depression,” explains Samaras. “I was a suicidal kid from seventh grade until today. It's just the state I'm in.”

Lacrosse became a way for her to battle her demons. “I couldn’t find ‘happy' or a sense of joy,” she continues. “I just wanted to be alone, rid of the competition. For me, lacrosse wasn't about just winning. It was winning to such a huge degree that other players were no longer in the same playing field as me.”


20 Questions to Help Athletes Find Their Best College Match

By Next College Student Athlete10/25/18

To parents, academics may be the most important aspect of determining the best college match. For high school students, it may be the first thing they push to the side.

Athletes are really not that much different than non-athletes when it comes to choosing a college.

There are plenty of options, and finding the one that will most completely meet their needs means looking at more than just sport and major. From campus life to travel time to classes, weather and culture fit, there’s a lot to consider. And, often, students don’t even know what they want in a college experience.

To help student-athletes better understand their best college match, you can start by asking them the right questions. Here are 20 questions to better gauge their academic and cultural fit that will help them to start building a list of potential schools.

P.S. — it might be tempting to try grinding through all 20 questions at once. But you’ll likely get a lot of eye rolls and, “Ugh, I don’t know!” responses. Instead, ask a couple questions at a time and keep track of the answers in a notebook. That way, you can refer back when you need to.


To parents, academics may be the most important aspect of determining best college match. For high school students, it may be the first thing they push to the side. These questions help narrow down schools where your student would thrive academically.

1. What do you want to major in?

2. Would you be willing to adjust your major?

3. Do you want to be taught by full-time professors or graduate students?

4. Which type of classes do you prefer: lecture style or discussion style?

5. Will your major require an internship?

6. Do you want to take classes that interest you or would you like to stick to your major?

7. Is the prestige/reputation of the college important to you?

8. Do you fulfill the academic requirements to be accepted?

Read more: The NCAA Eligibility requirements you need to know


When students go to college, most of them will be living on their own for the first time. They need to feel at home in their university, surrounded by students they connect with. Campus culture refers to the type of students at the campus, the location, physical attributes of the campus and what stands out in the student body.

9. Are you more interested in a social campus, a commuter campus (where students tend to go home on the weekends) or a quiet campus?

10. How far away from home would you like to be?

11. Would you prefer to go to a school where you already know a lot of people?

12. What are your weather-related deal breakers?

13. Do need a lot of green space?

14. Do you prefer to be in a large city?

15. Would you like a religious university?

16. What kinds of extracurricular or social activities are you interested in?

17. Do you want to be surrounded by people who share your viewpoint?

18. Do you want a diverse environment?

19. Do you like seeing people you know around campus every day?

20. What specific experiences do you want to have in college (e.g., studying abroad)?


College is a big investment. As a parent you need to be realistic about what colleges are feasible from a financial standpoint. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you — and your student — know where things stand financially.

1. How much are you willing to pay for college and how much responsibility will fall on your student?

2. Does your student qualify for any scholarships or financial aid?

3. Will your student be supporting themselves while at college? Is the college town’s cost of living realistic?

4. Will your student need to participate in a work-study program or similar arrangement to help cover the cost of tuition?

5. Are you and/or your student willing to take out college loans? How much?

Read more: Athletic Scholarship facts

Starting with these questions can help your family start a list of potential colleges, and then from there, you can add athletic fit to further trim down your choices. Remember, you don’t have to restrict your search to four-year schools. Many junior colleges offer competitive sports programs and can be a stepping stone to a four-year college or university.

Read more: How to find your best college match

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Remembering Lisa Dorneker-Moffatt

Lisa Dorneker-Moffatt, Director Jerry Dorneker's cousin, was a true inspiration to her family and countless people around the world.  Lisa was diagnosed with adrenal cancer three years ago and made the decision that she was going to live and fight for every ounce of life she could.  Lisa lived for her two boys and to share as many memories with them as she could.  She advocated for surgeries that doctors would not perform as adrenal cancer is terminal.  She took medicines that would extend her life and helped others become aware of medicines that would help in their fight against cancer.

Lisa motived those she knew to live life to the fullest.  Her bright smile and fighting spirit encouraged others to live life with more fight and brightness.  Intense Volleyball honored Lisa with #TeamLisa shirts.  Her story was an inspiration to those players to really put all they had on the court and give 100%.

Thank you Lisa for reminding those who knew you what life is all about- loving family and living to the fullest.

Lisa Dorneker showed her zest for life in living every moment.  She was a part of a group that went kayaking and didn't let cancer win by taking time out of living life.  Check her out in the video below.

To donate to the American Cancer Society in honor or memory of a loved one, please click on the link.

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